What You Should Be Doing This Weekend: Michael Jackson, Justin Timberlake & More


This weekend is a special one for families, who are honoring their matriarchs for Mother’s Day, but it is also a big one for entertainment. Between running out for those last-minute flowers and finalizing dinner plans, here’s what you should be listening to, watching, and checking for this weekend. – Iyana Robertson

1. Going to see Neighbors
This weekend’s new movie releases boasts a comedy from Seth Rogen and Zac Efron. Neighbors is the comical interaction between a family man and party-crazy frat boy who live next door to one another. No need to guess who plays who, right?

2. Watching Oprah’s Master Class
Oprah Presents Master Class is back, and the series’ season four premiere features none other than Justin Timberlake. In this Sunday’s (May 11) revealing episode, JT delves into how he proved his naysayers wrong and tells never-before-heard anecdotes about lessons learned in his career.

3. Keeping up with the NBA Playoffs
The East and West are still at it in this season’s NBA Playoffs as the Nets and Trail Blazers will fight to stay alive against the 2-0 Heat and Spurs, while the Wizards and Clippers look to tie up their series against the Pacers and Thunder.

4. Listening to Freebase
2 Chainz dropped a new EP, Freebase, this week. While you wait on the third installment to B.O.A.T.S., get your Tity Boi fix by way of collabs with Lil’ Boosie, A$AP Rocky, Rick Ross and Ty Dolla $ign. Spin it here.

5. Re-living Rosemary’s Baby
NBC revisited the horror film Rosemary’s Baby, and tapped Zoe Saldana as the lead in the new, two-part series. Watch Saldana turn all creeped-out-pregnant-lady in the premiere on Sunday night.

6. Playing Future’s ‘I Won’ game
If you like it, then you should throw a chain on it. Got a few extra minutes on your hand? Bring Future and Kanye West’s ode to their fiancees to life with the “I Won” video game. Head to Fewtch’s online arcade for your trophies.

7. Watching Diddy’s Howard University commencement speech
Diddy imparted some knowledge onto the 2014 graduating class of Howard University today (May 10). From his early days as a Bison to his now-status as a leading entrepreneur, he dropped some gems that are worth a listen. If you missed the live stream, don’t worry, it’ll turn up on these Internets soon enough.

8. Previewing Michael Jackson’s Xscape album
Michael Jackson’s forthcoming album Xscape earns him two slots on this week’s list. If you’re sitting on your hands waiting for this Tuesday’s release, curb your excitement with snippets of the album’s tracks here.

9. Tracking the NFL draft
While “Draft Day” is a wrap for Johnny Manziel, Day 3 of the NFL draft keeps on rolling with Rounds 4-7. Whoever said progres was a slow process, was definitely talking about the NFL. But players picked later on the the draft have gone on to become stars in the past. Football fans should stay tuned.