Whoopi Goldberg on Oprah’s Master Class


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On the next episode of OWN’s Oprah’s Master Class, comedienne Whoopi Goldberg talks about how she has never fit Hollywood blueprint of glamour and femininity. She reflected on what it was like when the masses would try to figure her out because of her appearance early in her career.

“I would read that in the paper all the time,” says the The View co-host. ‘“What’s with the face? What’s with the hair? Why does she look like this? Why doesn’t she wear high heels? Why does she dress like a guy? Is she gay, is she straight? What the hell?’”

The 58-year-old actress also discussed her fashion sense, or lack thereof: “I wore sneakers because it was most comfortable for me,” she said. “Who wants to stand in high heels for three or four hours when you could be wearing sneakers under that dress?”

Hear more of Whoopi’s story on Oprah’s Master Class, which will air Sunday night, June 1 at 10 p.m. on OWN.

Photo Credit: Getty Images