Vixen Vent: Why I Can No Longer Respect Rihanna


respect RihannaBefore you bash my reasons I no longer respect Rihanna, read in full and then weigh in.

Rihanna has managed to make everything she does a trademark. Her image, style, hair, fashion and tattoos are always a topic of major discussion and trendsetting. The young star’s bad girl image satisfies our own inner rebel, but it’s time for that to come to an end.

Her most recent spread on LUI magazine aired a topless Bajan queen sunbathing in all her glory. Covering her birthday suit with only tattoos, jewelry and little else, she looked stunning (again) but this time I was extremely unimpressed. Even as a fan of the Navy queen, I realized there’s only so much of her nudity, professional and selfie-style, that I can take. And even worse, she personally seems to have no limit for this kind of exposure.

Find out the rest of the reason why I no longer respect Rihanna on HypeHair.

Photo Credit: Lui Magazine

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