WNBA to Target LBGT Community in New Campaign


The WNBA is taking open sexual preference in the league to the next level by targeting the LGBT community. Their new campaign will feature the teams participating in local Pride festivals and parades, and advocating support via lesbian media channels.

According to the Associated Press, it’s a celebration “of diversity and inclusion and recognition of an audience that has been with us very passionately. This is one of those moments in the ‘W’ where everybody comes together,” WNBA President Laurel Richie stated.

Their new marketing strategy is a smart and bold move, as they are capitalizing on the large league fan base. “We embrace all our fans and it’s a group that we know has been very, very supportive,” Richie continues. “I won’t characterize it as ‘Why did it take so long?’ For me it’s been we’ve been doing a lot of terrific initiatives. The piece that’s different this year is unifying it.”

The league will publicly initiate their campaign on June 22nd for their televised Pride game between Tulsa and Chicago.