YouTube Vlogger Pens Inspirational Book



Vlogger Nina Ellis-Hervey pens new inspirational book and will star in web series.

Soon, Nina will also be adding “actress” to her resume. She’ll be playing the role of Dr. Sara Scott in the first interactive natural hair web series entitled “HAIRiette of Harlem,” which is being produced by actress Tanya Wright of Orange is the New Black and True Blood. In the series, she coaches the main character through her natural hair journey and helps her realize that there are other parts of her life she wants to change. Filming for the series starts this summer.

The helping role is one Nina knows very well. Nina says that YouTube started the journey of helping people reflect on themselves and how they wanted to be better. “I do a lot of storytelling,” she said. “A lot of people wouldn’t make the mistakes we make if we would share our issues, what we went through and how we got through them. For me, it’s a big part of what I do.”

Before Nina came to the aid of the masses, she first needed help herself. She was mentally and spiritually sound growing up but physically, not so much. “I didn’t understand the instance of exercising or taking good care of your body or understanding how the body works in order to get the best benefits from it,” she admitted.

She noticed she was different from her teenage female peers. At 16, she was 5’4″ and 177 pounds.

“I was always popular and well-known, but there was always something missing,” she said. “I wasn’t as comfortable with myself, in my skin or with people around me.”

To her dismay, by her senior year at Truman State University, the scaled tipped upwards to 238 pounds. She decided to improve her own holistic health by not only losing the weight but losing a boyfriend who had always told her that her face was pretty but if she’d lost weight she would look better.

“I was always accepting his behavior because I never felt worthy enough of getting someone else’s attention.”

Eight years and 100 pounds later, she still maintains a strenuous fitness routine, which Maureen Aladin, creative director of Twelve18 Media, recently got a taste of.

“We woke up with her to work out and we did like four DVDs back to back,” Aladin said.  “I was like ‘Oh my God! Nina I cannot do one more video!’ But we did.” —Tanay Hudson