10 Athletes Beats By Dre Should Sponsor Next


In 2006, when Dr. Dre and Jimmy Iovine created Beats Electronics they opened the door and laid the foundation for what would become a $3 Billion dollar deal down the road. Like 50 Cent recently pointed out, they took all the energy and marketing strategies mastered from years in the music industry and put it into pushing their new product: Beats by Dr. Dre Studio headphones. There were Beiber Beats, Diddy Beats and Lady Gaga “Heartbeats.”

But the product placement and and influencer marketing didn’t stop with pop and hip hop stars. Athletes were there from neatly the jump, too. In 2008, when Team USA Basketball balled out in Beijing, not only did they redeem America’s game with gold medals but also with big B’s on their headphones. It’s wildly publicized that LeBron James is the first athlete to be endorsed by Beats. Considering all the new moola, and the other successful campaigns they’ve done this past NBA and NFL season, maybe it’s time to branch out more into the sports world. If they do go the athletic route, here’s a list of people they might want to have seen in their headphones.