10 Bachelors We’d Love To See Ariana Grande Date



As of yesterday, Ms. Grande is finally legal!

The vocal powerhouse of a pop princess is finally legal. She shared her plans for the big 2-1 with her 11 million Instagram followers saying, “Spending my last few days as a non 21 year old in one of my favorite childhood placed with my favorite people”.

Stepping into adulthood means one thing for sure—guys will be watching her every move toward maturity. While the young beauty has been linked to a few guys, none have been acknowledged as true. In a recent interview with E! News, Grande admits she likes tattoos and bad boys, two things that are definitely synonymous.

So obvi, we took it upon ourselves to ponder her prospects and compile a list of 10 bachelor’s we’d love to see Ariana Grande date. Just call us cupid.

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Photo Credit: Instagram