10 People Nicki Minaj Could Be Talking About On ‘Pills N Potions’

Nicki Minaj has something to get off her chest. In the aftermath of her latest single “Pills N Potions,” rumors have swirled about who exactly Onika is referring to with her indirected lyrics. While Nicki has declined to address anyone specifically, she has admitted that the record is a deeply personal one for her.

“I’m talking about lots of people,” she told Power 105’s The Breakfast Club. “I have come across a lot of people that I have given amazing opportunities to who continue to bite the hand that feed them. I always give people enough rope to hang themselves with.”

We may never know who Nicki’s really mad at, but we have a few usual suspects in mind. Flip through for our list of 10 people Young Money’s First Lady could be addressing. —Terry Carter Jr. (@KINGBeysus)

Photo Credit: Inflexwetrust.com