10 Petitions That Should Be Created Instead of Blue Ivy’s

beyonce and blue ivy kissing

What’s going on in the world? A petition on Blue Ivy’s hair revealed people put too much emphasis on celebrities and less on what’s going on around you. Change.org was created as a platform to evoke someone to make social change, not ridicule how a $900 million-worth couple raise their daughter.

Unless you live in a tight sealed bubble concealed in a dark room, there are more things pressing than whether a toddler’s hair is combed (which, shocker, we’re pretty sure it is). Instead of signing J.T.’s request for mini-Bey, let’s create or (if created) sign petitions that will help everyone’s community as a whole. This is just a start, if we missed something don’t tell us; go to Change.org and create it.

Photo Credit: Beyonce’s Tumblr