10 Reasons You Want a Best Friend Like Mindy Kaling [GIFs]

Mindy Kaling is the dry humor best friend we all wish we had. She’s open and honest but funny in her approach—and we’re not just talking about scripted humor. Kaling’s interviews and Twitter banter are noteworthy as she leaves you wanting more with out even trying.

She’s on boss status since before snagging her own show The Mindy Project, she worked her way to dominate The Office cast, crew, and writers. She’s become the spokesperson for the abolishment of backhanded weight compliments plus she’s quirky and she knows it. She seems to have it all figured out but if you ask her, she’ll be the first to tell you she doesn’t—which is possibly another reason we love her so much.

Today the actress turns 35 and we’re sending our well wishes with 10 Mindy moments that make her our best friend (in our heads).

Photo Credit: Instagram