10 Vixens Who Should Celebrate National Forgiveness Day


Ti and Azealia Banks

Yesterday (June 26), is known as National Forgiveness Day, a day when we should let bygones be bygones and forgive those who’ve done us dirty. In the entertainment world, there’s always a beef brewing in the wings, especially between VIP Vixens. Whether it’s been a long time coming or a surprise shade show, there are quite a few celebs who could amend their differences. Even Azaealia Banks caught wind of the holiday and ended her (mainly one-sided) beef with TI over the weekend.

If one rude rapstress can suck it up and apologize, we’re hoping more feuding celebs take heed. In support of this healing holiday, take a look at some Vixens whose apologies are long overdue.

All Photos Credit: Getty (unless noted otherwise)