15 Celebrity Audio Tapes We Wish Would Leak

Another week, another new audio/video recording leaked. Justin Bieber and Donald Sterling know the deal. Their racially charged snippets went viral with the quickness. But there are tons of unheard controversial conversations from celebrities that we’d love to see the light of day. Here, 15 audio tapes we kinda (really selfishly) wish would leak.

1) Chris Brown revealing his feelings to Rihanna about Karrueche and/or Chris Brown revealing his feelings to Karrueche about Rihanna
This love triangle has been going on for quite some time. But who does Chris love more? We’re not sure if he really knows himself. We need evidence: a.k.a. an intimate conversation with either Karrueche or Rihanna in which he explains where his confused heart lies.

2) Trey Songz and August Alsina’s argument
Though the R&B singers/songwriters are back on good terms, many of us still want to hear exactly what went down to make the two have their spat for the past few months. Neither one has revealed exactly what their argument was about.

3) Solange and Jay Z’s elevator fight
Even though millions of people around the world saw the wrath of Solange as she attacked her brother-in-law Jay Z, we’d still love to hear the dialogue between the two to know what Jay did or said to make her turn up.

4) The Game’s feelings towards G-Unit’s reunion
50 Cent brought all of the members of G-Unit together—except Game. Even though Game posted a pic of his cars on his Instagram account, laughing off the reunion, it would be interesting to hear what Game had to say after news of the rap group’s return broke.

5) Diddy finding out Danity Kane was making a comeback
We all remember Diddy’s Making the Band series on MTV, when he handpicked the girls that later became Danity Kane. We also remember when he dropped the group from his Bad Boy label after their debut album’s sales were less than impressive. But we wonder what he told others when he found out that his former group was stepping back in the game sans himself (and D. Woods)?

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