15-Year-Old White Rapper Signs Million Dollar Deal With Warner/ Chappell

Most teenagers slave over hot grills at fast food joints or babysit neighborhood kids for cash during the summer. Not Chris Miles though. Meet Warner/Chappell’s newest 15-year-old signee, who recently inked a $1.5 million deal with Warner/ Chappell.

TMZ reports that the Long Island native first garnered attention when he auditioned for the show America’s Got Talent. While the teen MC didn’t make the cut, he still hustled and dropped a 15-track mixtape called Growing Pains. He also managed to nab a spot on Cam’ron’s song “Let Me Work” from the Harlemite’s Ghetto Heaven Vol. 1 ‘tape.

Miles reportedly bagged an $182,500 advance for his debut album and could make a million more depending on the success of his first LP. Watch him showcase his best skills in the video for “32 Bar Acapella” (above) and look out for his single “Perfect” to drop tomorrow.

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