5 Facts You Should Know About Clean Bandit


British electronic group, Clean Bandit, is the string quartet that turned into a sparkling danceable amalgam.

Fit for modern day festival-goers, acutely trained musical ears and sonic snobs alike, Clean Bandit is accessible to anyone. With an aptitude for eloquently lacing beats and synth into classical pieces, Clean Bandit brings something entirely fresh and whip smart to the abyss that so often feels like today’s electronic music.

The arrival of Clean Bandit’s debut LP, New Eyes, on Big Beat/Atlantic Records is a must-have for anyone looking for the next big album, filled with forward-thinking sounds and a fresh-faced approach to music production.

If you don’t believe us, take a listen to “Rather Be,” featuring Jess Glynne, off the LP, which has already garnered over 12 million plays on SoundCloud.

Before you cop New Eyes (and you should!), VIBE asked the members of Clean Bandit to share some personals facts behind the group who is about to be your new favorite band. Here’s what we got…

1. Jack and Luke are originally from Birkenhead in the North West of England. They only moved to London as adults with the band. A lot of people assume we are all from Cambridge, because that’s where we all met, or from London because that’s where we are now based but Jack and Luke were born and bred in the North. They’ve lost the accents now though.

2. Clean Bandit as a name comes from the literal meaning for the Russian translation of Total Swine/Bastard. When Jack and Grace were living in Moscow they’re landlady used to refer to a friend of theirs as a Clean Bandit, though she meant it affectionately. The name stuck and we decide to take it as a band name.

3. Despite meeting at university, none of us studied music there. Jack was studying Architecture, Grace was doing Russian and Neil was studying History.

4. Clean Bandit is made up of Jack, Luke, Neil and Grace. Our combined weight is 6kg.

5. In our early days, in order to get an opportunity to play live we created our own club night called National Rail Disco. We would play and DJ at the event and would book lots of post-dubstep DJs including James Blake.

New Eyes Tracklisting
1.Mozart’s House
2.Extraordinary (Feat. Sharna Bass)
3.Dust Clears (Album Version)
4.Rather Be (Feat. Jess Glynne)
6.Come Over (Feat. Stylo G)
7.Cologne (Feat. Nikki Cislyn & Javeon)
8.Telephone Banking (Feat. Love Ssega)
9. Up Again (Feat. Rae Morris)
10. Heart On Fire (Feat. Elisabeth Troy)
11. New Eyes (Feat. Lizzo)
12. Birch (Feat. Eliza Shaddad)
13. Outro Movement III