5 Reasons Kobe Bryant’s Still Better Than Tim Duncan


As championships go for the San Antonino Spurs, so do they go for the greatest player in franchise history. That fifth title for the organization, meant a fifth ring for Tim Duncan too. LeBron James supporters were salty to watch their King lose his crown (momentarily), while some were happy just to watch Duncan get his due. But one other group felt it when Timmy took home one for the thumb: Kobe Bryant stans.

At this point in their careers, Los Angeles Lakers guard Kobe Bryant and Duncan are only after championships. They’ve got all the other accolades on the resume checked off. But most would argue whoever matches Michael Jordan’s ring total first (six) is unquestionably the best player of this generation. And that person would be wrong. Duncan deserves the praise, no doubt. However Kobe’s already outdone him enough to be number two behind Mike.