5 Reasons Why Kyrie Irving’s Worth His New $90M Contract

A once in a lifetime talent like LeBron James bolting from any organization would be hard to deal with, but especially for a team like the Cleveland Cavaliers. It’s one thing to be remembered as that team the Michael Jordan ethered when he his the first game winner that people would call “the shot” in his career, but to survive one of the guys who could legitimately be his NBA heir leaving and winning tittles in another town? That takes some serious luck.

Apparently, the Cavs have mad luck on stash. Not only did they land a No.1 pick that turned into Kyrie Irving, they won another NBA lottery that allowed them to draft Andrew Wiggins. Just to make sure Uncle Drew doesn’t dip a la LeBron, Cleveland reps reportedly flew to New Jersey just to offer Kyrie Irving a five year, $90M contract. BEst believe Irving’s worth every penny. Read on to find out why.