5 Teams Jason Kidd Should Coach Next

When the Brooklyn Nets hired Jason Kidd just shortly after he retired last season, experts and barbershop know-it-all’s alike thought he wasn’t ready. By December, those assumptions were looking more like facts, with the Nets off to 10-20 start to the season. Then it happened: Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce put aside their pride and let Kidd lead, veterans players started to understand their roles and, by early March, Brooklyn had a playoff bound team they could cheer for.

Even though Kidd and the Nets lost to LeBron James and the Miami Heat, the feeling was that the Nets had a foundation to build on with Kidd as mainstay. However, after Kidd asked for more money, seeing how new coaches like Steve Kerr were getting huge contracts, he and the Nets don’t exactly see eye to eye on what he should make. A problem for Brooklyn, an opportunity for the Milwaukee Bucks. After drafting Jabari Parker this past Thursday during the NBA Draft, the Bucks are reportedly heavy on Kidd’s trail, too. New energy might be exactly what the Bucks need, but are there teams that might be an even bette fit for Kidd? Read along to find out.