50 Cent Talks New G-Unit Mixtape And BMF Movie

50 Cent is keeping the momentum of the June 3 release of his heavily delayed Animal Ambitio album. The G-Unit general was at Hartford, Connecticut’s WZMX Hot 93.7 radio station to chat with radio personality Jenny Boom Boom about his next solo album, G-Unit’s reunion and his STARZ television series, Power, which attracted 2.6 million viewer during the show’s premier.

He said the rags to riches story is a story that people can relate to: “It’s a story that you can identify with the decisions being made because we’ve done them. Those are normal conflicts,” Fif’ said of his new television series.

Also during the interview, Fiddy said that the G-Unit reunion was surprising even to himself.. “It’s surprising, right? If you would’ve asked me about it two weeks ago, I would’ve said, ‘hell no.’ Because I would’ve felt like you were harassing me. Because when you feel like you’ve nurtured people, it’s like a plant that you watered that refuses to grow.”

He also talked about the love that he has for his G-Unit crew. “They my younger brothers…My issues with Game is that I don’t know what happened with him.”

The Queens rapper is also slated to executive produce the Lion Gates film, B.M.F, depicting the lives of well-recognozed hustlers Demterius and Terry Flenory, both of whom are serving 30 year federal prison sentences for drug trafficking and money laundering. 50’s sixth solo album, Street King Immortal and G-unit’s third studio album are also slated to be release this year.

Check out the entire video here.