10 Things We Want To See In The Upcoming Aaliyah Biopic

Disney Channel star Zendaya was recently tapped to play the lead role in the upcoming Lifetime biopic, Aaliyah: Princess of R&B. A short time after the producers of the film announced the news, they also revealed that the movie will not be a PG-friendly kiddie flick. They want to stick to telling Aaliyah’s story so, according to executive producer Debra Martin Chase, they’re not ignoring any of the scandalous details surrounding Aaliyah’s life. And that includes her controversial relationship with R. Kelly.

“Aaliyah’s personal and professional relationship with R. Kelly will be explored with care in the film as we set out to depict her life with the utmost respect,” Chase told the New York Post.

We’re glad to hear that. After all, R. Kelly did play a pretty significant role in Aaliyah’s life, so it wouldn’t be right for the producers to ignore that angle altogether. But we hope that’s just a small part of the movie. Here are 10 other things we’d like to see in Aaliyah’s biopic. In addition to the R. Kelly stuff, we hope none of these get left out.