Aaliyah Family Not Onboard For Lifetime Biopic?

Aaliyah’s family might not let Lifetime be great. After news that singer/actress Zendaya had snagged the lead for the Lifetime biopic about Aaliyah, the late singer’s uncle and former manager, Barry Hankerson reportedly told TMZ he’s furious that no one from the network had contacted him or his family about the biopic. The Haughton family is reportedly taking legal action by hiring a lawyer to keep Lifetime from using any of the singer’s music in the film. The backlash comes as no shock since the Haughtons have blocked various Aaliyah projects from coming to fruition in the past, like the posthumous LP Drake and his righthand producer Noah “40” Shebib were said to be executive producing. The Internet has also reacted negatively to the biopic with fans starting a petition to cease production. TV/radio personality Monie Love also went off on Twitter:

Hankerson reportedly told TMZ that Aaliyah’s family doesn’t mind a theatrical movie but a made-for-TV film wouldn’t do baby girl’s legacy justice. Aaliyah passed away in a tragic plane crash at the peak of her career in 2001.