Aaliyah’s Cousin: Zoe Saldana Should Play Late Singer

Bad press has been following Lifetime’s Aaliyah biopic everywhere on the web. From the family accusing the network of exploitation to inclusion of her controversial relationship with R.Kelly in the storyline, critics and those close to the late singer have been sounding off.

Enter Aaliyah’s cousin Jomo Hankerson, who was the president of the singer’s label Blackground Records at the time of her death, who recently made an appearance on V-103 Ryan Cameron’s show and spoke about the family’s disapproval of the film, feeling bad about the backlash Zendaya received after scoring the lead and who he’d really want to be cast as Aaliyah.

“I just think this needs theaters. This needs to be a major movie film. I would love to get Zoe Saldana [to play Aaliyah],” he said. “I think she can pull off the acting part of it and she’s obviously gorgeous and beautiful.”

Listen to the full interview here.