Alicia Keys Stuns in Givenchy Fragrance Ad

Alicia Keys GivenchyDazzling in a strapless golden gown, Alicia Keys becomes the new face of Dahlia Divin, Givenchy’s latest fragrance release.

“This scent is grounded, but still has a femininity that is very earthy, and I love that,” the singer told WWD of her new campaign. Beaming uncontrollably over her new signage is considerable since this marks her first-ever beauty contract (surprising right?). However inaugural or not, she’s excited to bring diversity to the brand.

“It seems that only one type of beauty is seen as beautiful. I think it’s very important that we stretch that concept and the way that it’s viewed,” she said before continuing. “I would like to see different representations of what beauty is. I’d like to see women with a little more voluptuousness. There’s no way in the world that we’re all a size 2, and people beat themselves up if they’re not small enough or light enough or dark enough or skinny enough.”

Unable to contain her excitement the singer posted the picture on her Twitter with the caption, “#DahliaDivin. For my modern day goddesses!!! 😉 Shine without inhibition!!!”

You can catch her beautiful glow will in September when her ad lands in magazines.

Photo Credit: Twitter