Are You Smart Enough For This New Dating Site?

There are dozens of online dating sites and apps that allow us to meet a special someone within the virtual world. Sites like OK Cupid and Zoosk allow you to pick and choose the most specific traits of a potential mate with questions ranging from hair color to, “Do you think women have an obligation to keep their legs shaved”?

Well, another new dating site is making intelligence the main criteria. For those seeking for more intellectual interactions than “ur sexii ;)” just may become your desired digital destination, but you’ve got to be a Mensa member to get on.

Mensa is a group of super-smart individuals who rank in the top two percentile a particular intelligence test. Think you’re smart enough to make the cut? To promote their site, MensaMatch is currently allowing people to take the test for $1. The discounted price will be available til’ July 6.

Photo Credit(s): Getty Images


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