Is Aretha Franklin Next Up For A Lifetime Biopic?

Lifetime has its TV schedule full of biopics from Aaliyah to Whitney Houston, but now reports are surfacing that legendary R&B/Soul singer Aretha Franklin might get her own biographical film on the network.

The “Respect” singer mentioned in an interview with Billboard that, “We’re very, very close to signatures on one agreement. It’s just a matter of our coming to terms and agreeing about what we’re doing to do.”

There’s no word on when the movie will get an air date, but there are talks about who will depict the Queen of Soul including Jennifer Hudson, and Broadway actress Audra McDonald, but nothing has been finalized.

“Right now it could be one of several people,” she says. “There’s always the producers’ book, who the producer wants you to consider, and sometimes unknown names.”

Photo Credit: Getty Images