Beyoncé Selling ‘Drunk In Love’ Emoji Shirts

Thanks to Beyonce, you can now wear your emojis on your sleeve.

Jay Z’s main squeeze has now added emoji shirts to her online store, depicting the now famous “surfboard” lyric from her and her hubby’s inebriated love song “Drunk In Love.” You can also nudge your significant other for some quality sexy time with the “Blow” shirt, decked with cherries, referencing this steamy lyric: “I can’t wait till I get home so you can tear that cherry out.”

Bey has also added some knick knacks to give your smart phone swag, with cases that read “Angel,” “Surfboard” and “Flawless.” Her surprise visual album may have dropped last December but the chick is still all about her paper.

Shop for all things Bey here.

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