Bridget Kelly Officially Parts Ways With Roc Nation


Bridget Kelly was one of the first artists signed to Jay Z’s Roc Nation and after years of support, the singer is ready to move on. Earlier this week, she confirmed rumors that she had left the label to Rap Up.

“Honestly we needed to part ways. You outgrow situations sometimes. I still feel their love. They’re still people I confide in and people that I have a really strong personal relationship with, so in order to keep that intact we needed to just go our separate ways.”

Now that she’s independent, the songwriter plans to (finally) release her debut album in September and let fans in on her personal life.

“I’m really excited ’cause I’m getting to say what I wanna say and talk about all the love in my life and all the stuff I’ve been going through,” she said.

Vixens, will you be buying Bridget’s debut?