Bud Light Takes Festival VIPs To #Platinum Status

You may have seen the pics and heard the rumors of this year’s New York chapter of EDC – featuring top shelf headliners and massive stage sets – but the juiciest details lie behind the velvet rope with the event’s outstanding VIP package.

Those with the perks of being a VIP at EDC never had it better thanks to Bud Light Platinum and its platinum package, going above and beyond with it comes to creating a high-end festival experience. The special Platinum brand of beer not only assist in bringing EDM’s hottest DJs into mainstream, with advertisements featuring Above & Beyond and Zedd, but straight to the fans with its “Turn Up Your Night” VIP campaign.

Not only did VIP members have their own viewing deck on the sidelines of the main stage (complete with table service and private bar), but they also get to enjoy their own personal dance space within the MetLife stadium’s 50/50 Club lounge complete with intimate performances by DJs such as Tommy Trash, Desctructo and 3LAU as well as special VIP bathrooms and central A/C.

Bottom line, the VIP package was more than just a status symbol, but rather a great investment considering it provided shelter during the rain that came on Saturday and shade from the scorching heat that followed Sunday.

EDC New York was just a small introduction of what’s to follow in Bud Light Platinum’s continuing “Turn Up Your Night” campaign. Make good on your investment by booking your VIP tickets at either EDC Las Vegas or Orlando where Bud will be present to make sure your festival experience goes above and beyond into platinum status.

“This experience will be unlike anything we’ve done before, and thanks to Bud Light Platinum this unique concept – producing an intimate club inside the festival – is coming to life.” ~ Pasquale Rotella, founder and CEO of Insomniac/EDC.