Child Tells His Mother to “Kiss My Feet” [Video]


Ever been out somewhere and you here the high pitched yelling of a delinquent child? Maybe you’ve seen the flailing arms and swiveling head when denied what they want. Or worse yet, rolling on a store’s dirty floor in true temper tantrum form. It’s all pretty typical of an overactive child; so much so that onlookers usually keep their distance and try to ignore it. But sometimes, there’s someone who just can’t seem to contain themselves.

In a video that surfaced on WorldStarHipHop yesterday, an onlooker recorded a mother on a subway struggling with her child, who at one point demands her to kiss his feet (Yikes!). And instead of just keeping the red light going, she and another passenger decided to give their opinion of the scene throughout the whole three-minute video. It’s unclear which part was funnier, the boys outrageous actions or the passengers’ commentary throughout.

Vixens, decide for yourselves. Check out the hilarious video here.

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