Chuck D Addresses ‘Sloppy’ Summer Jam Comments

Public Enemy rapper Chuck D has been fighting the power for the past three decades. As of late, the pro-Black MC has been going at the necks of New York’s Hot97 radio station, calling their annual Summer Jam festival a “sloppy fiasco.”

During a recent interview with Billboard, Chuck D said that the HOT97 music fest doesn’t adequately rep New York’s hip-hop community.

“It’s just a sloppy presentation of the art form, the worst presentation known to man,” he said. “It’s negligent. There needs to be a greater representation of the culture and the community on that radio station… It should be a representation of playing music by a lot of different artist–non-black artist, too. I just want to see artist be able to have fair game.”

Chuck D added that his goal by the end of the year is to change the face and sound of radio. “I’ve been in this shit 30 years, too long to just sit and let it be. I’m not going to be the grim reaper. I don’t want to be the grim reaper. But, people have to stand up and we need some change, and it’s time.”

Recently, D was named Ambassador of Record Store Day, which was created to keep the spirit alive independent record stores.