Cipha Sounds Is Taking Angie Martinez’s Hot 97 Time Slot

Last week it was announced that the Queen of Hip Hop radio, Angie Martinez, was leaving her roots at Hot 97. As many were mourning the lost of her presence as the host of the Afternoon Drive, who would replace her became a question that boggled the minds of listeners everywhere.

Today, Hot 97 announced that Cipha Sounds will be taking her 3 p.m. spot this afternoon. Cipha announced his arrival with a series of comical Instagram videos. “Yo, Hot 97, 3 o’clock, I’m on today! Yo, Hot 97 has changed…a lot,” he snickered while gearing up for his primetime slot. Whether Cipha is temporarily or permanently staying is currently unknown. Don’t get gassed just yet.

Watch Cipha Sounds in action as he prepares to take over the airwaves.