‘Colour Revolution’ Showcases Caribbean’s Best Designers



Up-and-coming American designers can use a show like Project Runway or an event like Fashion Week to flaunt their sartorial skills, but there’s no Caribbean’s Got Talent. So designers from the Islands often go overlooked. The inaugural 2014 Colour Revolution event aimed to change that. This series of fashion shows took place on the island of St. Maarten on May 31 and June 1, offering Caribbean designers a platform for U.S. exposure.

Among the highlights from the two nights of designer showcases: Kaj’s easygoing resort wear (you could picture Rihanna or Beyonce draped in them), Donna Dove’s dress-shirt inspired collection and Lisa Faye’s tye-dye collection. Click through the gallery for more photos of the Colour Revolution collections.

Designer: Donna Dove

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