Cute On Coins: 3 Thrift Stores to Try


Summer is literally a stone’s throw away, which means that it’s time to restock your wardrobe. Instead of paying full price for an outfit you’re going to wear once, try shopping at some great resale stores where you can buy awesome designer for cheap.

I guess the idea of wearing something that was previously rocked by another woman is kind of nerve wracking; however, it is a frugal way to stay fly seasonally. Technically speaking, all clothing that you buy is used, so why not get some super fly pieces for dirt-cheap. Luckily, not all thrift stores are like the Salvation Army. Here are a few secondhand stores that have a decent selection of clothing and things.

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1. Buffalo Exchange

Price Range: $$$

Buffalo Exchange is on the pricey side as far as thrift stores go. Reason being, most of there clothes are in pretty good condition. They also sell a lot of designer items for much cheaper than retail value. You can sell your items and cash out as well.


They have a diverse style. Mostly current trends and styles. They have some vintage, depending on what location you go to.

Fun Fact:

There are five locations in NYC. 2 in Brooklyn, 2 in Manhattan and 1 in Queens.