David Alan Grier Performs Kanye West Tweets As Spoken Word

VH1 had the genius idea of having some of Kanye West’s tweets performed as spoken word by none other than David Alan Grier. From confessions of travelling by air, to just wanting to be in an elevator alone, Grier reads some of Kanye’s overshares aloud, and it is every bit as funny as it should be. Co-signing some of Kanye’s best 140-character lines, Grier even refers to one in particular, “Boyfriends are like rush hour traffic… ALWAYS IN THE F*CKING WAY,” as “pimp talk.” It is not until the actor gets to Yeezy’s rant against Jimmy Kimmel that things get uncomfortable for Grier. “That’s my man, I love Jimmy Kimmel, man. Kanye, don’t do that. Jimmy Kimmel’s a good guy,” he says. Watch David Alan Grier perform Kanye West’s tweets below:

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