DJ Mustard Addresses Mistah F.A.B. Altercation

DJ Mustard cleared the air about an alleged altercation between himselfand rapper, Mistah F.A.B.. Video surfaced showing F.A.B. fighting with a group of people from Mustard and rapper YG’s camp at a show in the Bay Area a week ago. Witnesses say F.A.B. approached Mustard and was then hit by someone in the DJ’s entourage. The beef apparently began when F.A.B. accused Mustard of stealing the local Bay Area sound for his beats.

In a recent Revolt TV interview, the Roc Nation producer brushed off the rumble, explaining, “It’s nothing. What happens is what happens.” Apparently Mustard’s friends were stepping in to squash any disagreement. Mustard said, “Whatever energy you put out is what you’re gonna get.”

Watch Mustard’s on-air statement above.