DJ Spotlight: French House Prodigy Klingande


Over a year ago, rising young French house producer Cedric Steinmyller, better known as Klingande, uploaded two tracks to his SoundCloud page called “Jubel” and “Punga.” Both tracks feature lush, positive piano melodies, throbbing progressive beats and addictive signature saxophone lines that has been the USP of the artist’s sound.

Fast-forward a year later, the music video for “Jubel” has forty million views on YouTube, the track reached #1 on iTunes in 18 countries, topped the Shazam U.K. chart, has a string of impressive remixes from Nora En Pure, Friend Within and KANT, and is now going to be released via Ultra Music as part of their ‘Ultra Deep House’ compilation (out now).

Having spent the last year touring extensively in Europe, it’s been a whirlwind of a year for Cedric, who kicked off his first North American tour with a headlining thirty minute set at Bardot, Hollywood’s SCHOOL NIGHT, a few weeks ago. “Prior to all of this, I played piano and had been making music for six years. I even studied production at Point Blank in London,” he tells me backstage at the venue. According to their social media information, Klingande was originally conceived along with his friend Edgar Catry, but has now become Cedric’s own project, “ We still make music together and he’s still one of my best friends. I see him every once in a while and we write melodies. It’s just because he’s not a DJ and producer and when we begun this project it was first for fun. We never thought it was going to become as big as it has.”

He draws much of his musical inspiration from Swedish icon Avicii, whom he will be touring with in Germany this August, and the country’s culture. “I think Avicii has the melodies, it’s a real inspiration for me. The music from Sweden is very euphoric, happy and positive and that’s what inspired me to create this sound. I have never lived in Sweden, but go there often. The best part about it are the girls, they are very beautiful.”

As his set time draws near, we made our way to the front of the stage. There’s a full- capacity lively crowd at Bardot, but Cedric remained calm and collected. His live setup is simple: two CDJs and a mixer accompanied by his saxophone player Arnold, a mid-age bespectacled, humble rock star looking chap. Cheers greeted them; Klingande’s performance was a two part winning combination. Cedric had mentioned to me that Klingande is a Swedish term for, “the sound produced when two glasses clink against one another in harmony”. Their set was very much similar to that bridging the gap between live instrumentation and ‘button pushing’, but in the absolute best way possible. Cedric’s track selection of old classics like “Otherside” by Red Hot Chili Peppers, “Bulletproof” by La Roux and his latest remix of Clean Bandit’s “Extraordinary” set the atmosphere for the rest of the night, while Arnold’s signature infectious saxophone lines over the tracks and his vibrant interaction with the crowd had them swirling to the grooves.

There is a lot in store for the bright young star, “I think once I’m wrapped with touring in September, I’m going to focus on making music for my next album. I’ll probably release a single from the album first though.” And so, the anticipation begins…