Drake Raps Along To Kendrick Lamar’s ‘Cut You Off’

Last night, Drake spent another day in the East at Habibiz Cafe. The rapper took to Instagram to post a quote by deceased author Ernest Hemingway, a plug for his Houston Appreciation Weekend tour, and a candid shot with the lounge owner. The most buzzworthy came when the Toronto native rapped along to Kendrick Lamar’s song “Cut You Off”, a track off KDot’s O.verly D.edicated project.

The two frenemies exchanged some notable jabs in the past 365. The TDE MC came for his Canadian contemporary on a scathing “Control” verse along with a pointed BET Cypher. There was also speculation that Drizzy devoted a few bars to Kendrick on “The Language” and a remix of “Sh*t”. However, Drizzy says he wasn’t fazed by the rap beef commotion.

“I never once felt the need to respond to that record. The sentiment he was putting forth is what he should have. Of course you wanna be the best. Where it became an issue is that I was rolling out an album while that verse was still bubbling, so my album rollout became about this thing. What am I supposed to say? Nah, we’ll be buddy-buddy? Mind you, I never once said he’s a bad guy [or] I don’t like him,” he told VIBE this past winter.

“I think he’s a fucking genius in his own right, but I also stood my ground as I should. And with that came another step, which then I have to realize I’m being baited and I’m not gonna fall. Jordan doesn’t have to play pickup to prove that he could play ball, no offense. But I’m not gonna give you the chance to shake me necessarily, ’cause I feel great. There’s no real issue.”