Embracing The #Mophielife At The Cosmopolitan Of Las Vegas


My iPhone charger had been giving me trouble all week; my roommate’s pit-bull had chewed up the power chord. So when mobile battery case manufacturing powerhouse mophie’s PR team reached out to invite myself and a few other reporters to an exclusive media experience at The Cosmopolitan Of Las Vegas for Memorial Day Weekend, it couldn’t have happened at a more opportune time. mophie started in 2005 and introduced a new way to double the battery life of your iPhone. Since then, these products have gained skyrocketing popularity and are now available in more than sixty countries. Now the brand’s latest line of products the mophie space pack also features the addition of built-in-storage capacity for 16GB and 32GB iPhone 5s/5 models enabling users to store documents, videos, music and photos with a quick download of mophie’s free IOS app, “Space.”

mophie recently announced their exclusive partnership with celebrated fashion house Valentino to create a limited 500-unit edition of mophie’s powerstation cloaked in Valentino red for a charitable cause benefiting the Cash & Rocket 2014 Tour to bring aid to women and children from three organizations: Shine on Sierra Leone, OrphanAid Africa and Sumbandila. In light of there do more with less business model, I decided to leave my charger at home, spend the weekend in one of the most limitless cities in the world and completely embrace the #mophielife.

It was my first time staying at The Cosmopolitan and throughout my stay the amiable hospitality of the staff was one of the best highlights of the trip, the establishment really does live up to what is advertised in their suave commercials. mophie had entered into an official partnership with the hotel where they had an entire area of mophie branded casino tables and the stage at the hotel’s newest concert venue The Chelsea where we watched a high-octane energy performance from Bruno Mars. The mophie executives had created a constant on-the-go experience of exciting events, encouraging us to only rely on the additional battery life of the gifted mophie space pack we received, consisting of shopping sprees at stores like All Saints, craps lessons at the hotel’s casino, helicopter rides around the city courtesy of Maverick Helicopters, VIP bottle and table service at The Marquee while Kaskade rattled the dance floor, gastronomical delights at the hotel’s best restaurants like STK, The Wicked Spoon and the newly-opened fantasy circus-like dining experience of Rose.Rabbit.Lie – there were strippers, water tanks, chicken and pork belly, enough said- I barely had any time to take a breather to enjoy the comfort of my spacious studio room.

But in the midst of this well orchestrated, luxurious blur of a soiree, the mophie space pack kept my phone active for longer periods before I had to set it to charge. I realized how much the average individual is continually communicating and absorbing information from their phones and mophie’s unique concept is a forward step in the direction to have a constant flow of that.

As I was leaving the hotel to board my flight back home, I noticed a girl buried in her phone, it was wearing a mophie. When I approached her to ask what she thought about it, she summed it up perfectly: “It’s kind of like Red Bull, but for your iPhone.”

Want even more power for your phone or any USB device? Check out the mophie powerstation.

The mophie space pack retails for $149.95 (16 GB) and $179.95 (32 BG).