Services Help to Erase Undesirable Social Media Posts

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As we all now, resumes aren’t the only thing prospective employers are examining nowadays. Social media is now a precursor to the hiring process, with some of your most embarrassing and unappealing moments up to be exposed. Thankfully, there are now some services available that help make like those moments never happened.

Services like Social Sweepster, Simple Wash and Socially Clean promise to help job seekers rid their profile of photos linked to drunken nights and too much turning up. Social Sweepster allows users to dig through the past few months of their questionable activity for free but after charges a fee.

Founder of Sweepster, Tim McGrath says the service is worth the buck, considering the other things people have spent their cash on. “If you spent all this money on a college education and you’ll spend $5 on a coffee, why not prevent the slightest chance that a potential employer will be upset?” said the Indiana University grad. “We’re providing additional insurance.”

The service can scan and scrub your Facebook and Twitter going back to 2005. Read about more about the user experience here.