#FelonCrushFriday Just Became A Thing Thanks To This Guy

Crime never looked this good.

Thanks to the Stockton Police Department, a dashingly good-looking felon has won over the hearts of girls and gays across the web. Jeremy Meeks, 30, became a viral star when his mugshot was posted on the Stockton Police’s Facebook, along with several others to crack down on “Operation Ceasefire,” a mission that was launched to prevent “a recent increase of shootings and robberies in the Weston Ranch area.”

Police say Meeks was arrested for having a hand in the operation on “felony weapons charges.” Still, he is fast becoming an Internet darling as more than 50,000 people have liked the photo while 6,000+ have shared it on Facebook.

But if icy blue eyes and felons are your thing, take heed. A spokesperson for the Stockton police told the Associated Press that Meeks is “one of the most violent criminals in the Stockton area.”