First Listen: Los Mekanikos “Tacha Tacha”

With EDM festivals like EDC and BPM, and a slew of DJs and producers including Marbeya Sound, Rebolledo, and Avanti calling Mexico home, the country’s been on techno roll for a few years now. Los Mekanikos, purveyors of ”Techno with a Leather Jacket”, keep the rave going with their new EP, ‘Tacha Tacha.’

Out July 7 via Sanfuentes Records, Los Mekanikos’ Tacha Tacha EP is 3 cuts and 1 remix of delightfully absurdist, stripped-down, acid-spiked grooves. The brainchild of Eddie Mercury and Max Jones, Los Mekanikos are the first act label honcho Vicente Sanfuentes has released on his namesake Sanfuentes Records. Their brutal new wave and jack-house flavored sound makes it easy to see why he made that choice. And Sanfuentes should know. A founding member of Matias Aguayo’s rambunctious Comeme label and crew, the Chilean DJ and producer has previously worked with Rebolledo and Señor Coconut (as the duo Surtek Collective).

The EP’s title track, premiering on Vibe exclusively, is a pile up of “tacha tacha” vocal loops, skeletal drum machine beats, neurotic hi-hats, booming bass, and psychedelic squelches. On the remix, Sanfuentes slings the tempo down and opens up the rhythmic track to dubbier synth lines. The two other tracks “Pussyca” and “Viene Viene” are equally as warped, leaning toward industrial Italo and deep disco mutations respectively.

Whether they are leading “The New Sounds of México City” is ultimately irrelevant. Tracks like these will be kicking long after city-based trend pieces fade. But, while we’re still hyped on Mexico holding its own against Brazil in the World Cup, let’s keep the flag waving and the volume up.

1. Tacha Tacha
2. Tacha Tacha (Sanfuentes 110% Remix)
3. Pussyca
4. Viene Viene