Friday Rewind: Top 10 EDM Releases Of The Week

Kick off the weekend with these top 10 dance music releases from the past week, curated by DJ, producer and vocalist Lea Luna.

1. Sailor & I- “Turn Around” (Ame Remix)
The already heartfelt vocal from Sailor has been further beautified by remix duo Ame. “Turn Around” (Ame remix), freshly out on German label Life and Death, is a gorgeous blend of chill-inducing melody and late night dancefloor prowess in one.

2. Sydney Blu & Kalendr- “Together”
A new record label called Endgame is born this week under the wing of Black Hole Recordings with an ace of a track to lead it with. “Together,” by respected spinstress Sydney Blu and Chicago house hero Kalendr, is an energetic house jam that is perfect to get the party started in any venue.

3. Air Stegosaurus- “Vegas On Acid” (Nightcomers remix)
Since we have finally arrived at EDC weekend, it’s only appropriate to shine the spotlight on this forthcoming release on 119 Sound entitled “Vegas On Acid.” The seriously trippy vocal sits well atop all three of the mixes on the EP. Enjoy this sneak peek of the Nightcomers remix, a dark breaks feel for your wicked Vegas experience.

4. Audien & Matthew Koma- “Serotonin”
“Serotonin” has the EDM hit formula fans would expect of Audien and Matthew Koma: beautiful chord progressions, epic vocals, and top notch beats. This time, there’s a touch of acid house in the wind-up, making this a full-spectrum composition for starting a festival frenzy.

5. MORTEN- “Liquids”
“Liquids” is expertly produced, flowing from captivating strings to heavy beats with an intense mood that will twist the expression on your face in all the best ways. MORTEN is on fire.

6. Daft Punk- “Derezzed” (So Amazing) feat. Negin (Avicii & The Soundmen remix)
A summery cocktail of 80’s, twerk, and electronica flavor, this “Derezzed” remix is a refreshing twist to the newer sub-genres of dance music. The Soundmen have accomplished a unique new sound with a throwback feel on this track, the second adaptation of Daft Punk’s original that builds further on Avicii’s “So Amazing” remix featuring vocalist Negin.

7. David Guetta & Kaz James- “Blast Off”
Just in time for Comic-Con, a video comic strip starring cartoon versions of David Guetta and Kaz James is fresh out of the box for their new release “Blast Off.” This high-energy jam flaunts a crowd-hyping MC vocal, a guitar riff that could be Van Halen’s twisted little sister and drop that will grab party animals by the horns.

8. EC Twins & Bass Kleph- “Love Won’t Kill Us Anymore” feat. Black Boots
UK born duo EC Twins and Australian producer Bass Kleph have teamed up to bring us a new summer anthem entitled “Love Wont Kill Us Anymore,” featuring an emotional and catchy vocal by rising electronic act Black Boots from Las Vegas. This track is the ideal sound for EC Twins’ loyal following in the elite Hollywood and Las Vegas club circuits and beyond, while Bass Kleph’s consistent tours around the world beg for such epic crowd pleasers internationally.

9. Sharooz- “Terminvs”
London’s Sharooz is known for his expert touch with analog. Coming up in a matter of days, his release “Terminvs” drops on Lektroluv, just as his tour ship drops anchor in Los Angeles. This tune is for the more seasoned listener, full of robotic, dissonant hardware synth lines and thick, dirty techno beats that are paradoxical yet perfect.

10. Carnage feat. Migos- “Bricks”
Bass-heavy EDM star Carnage has genre-bent his style further into hip-hop with this one, featuring a vocal from Atlanta rap trio Migos. When asked about his experiments in the studio with different genres, Carnage boldly replied, “I do what I want and the world has to deal with it. Game on.”