Funniest Martin and Pam Moments

Martin Show

Gina and Pam sittin’ on the couch exhausted after the women’s league of Detroit meeting….

Gina: I never knew it would be so much work to get into the league

Pam: I know, but we got in there

Gina: It would been easier if you wasn’t kissin’ up so much

Pam: Oh what you you “Don’t go to the concert, Sheneneh is tryin’ to trick us”

Gina: I don’t talk like thaaat….

Pam: You doin’ it right now

Gina: Whatever

Martin in Tommy comes into the Apartment arguing….

Gina: Baby what is going on???…

Martin: That is that last time I go on a trip wit’ Tommy, the whole time he was like “I wonder what Pam doin’???”…. and I said “I don’t know, maybe she in the river swatin’ fish”….

Tommy: There you go wit’ the Pam jokes!!!

Gina: Yeah baby, you need to ease up

Tommy: Besides, it’s not like I talk about how many pillows Gina done flattened wit’ that big dome of hers

Gina: OOOOOHHHHH NOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!! TOOOOO-MY!!!!!!!!!…. I know you aint talkin’ Head Sanford….

Martin and Gina breaks into the Sanford & Son Theme song… Pam cuts in….

Gina: What???!!!!!!

Pam: I know you aint talkin’ about my man, when you’re standing next to Sir Short A lot

Martin cuts in

Martin: See I didn’t want to say anything about you, your tooth gaps are so wide, there’s a sign that says “Next Tooth 1 Mile”

Pam: Well at least I am tall enough to get on all the rides at Disney World

Gina cuts in

Gina: Now I see why they have such a CARING relationship…. she shaves his head, he shaves her beard, Magic Shave just don’t do it!!!!

Pam: Well if Martin was shaving your head, he would be shaving ALL NIGHT!!!!!…. Get up in that!!!!!!!!!….

Tommy and Pam leave

Martin: Yo we playin’ cards tomorrow???

Pam and Tommy: Yuuuup…..