Hip Hop Gurus, How High Can You Score On The Rap Test?

Kiss any productivity you had planned for the evening goodbye. For the die-hard fans of the art form we call hip hop, just how much do you know about the emcees that are currently shaking up the game? Thanks to the internet and 21-year-old Danny Friday, you can gauge your knowledge on music from Kanye West, Jay Z, Drake, Kendrick Lamar, Eminem and Meek Mill with “The Rap Test.” It’s a simple game, really. All you have to do is listen to song snippets and select the correct title before the time runs out to rack up points.

We won’t lie, the quizzes may cause a little bit of anxiety the farther you progress, and the game has same addictiveness as Temple Run or Candy Crush. But if you’re a real rap genius, this should be a piece of cake, right? Have fun taking the test!