Is Wiz Khalifa Inspired by Kurt Cobain’s Style?


Is it us, or has Wiz Khalifa been looking an awful lot like a rockstar lately?

His Instagram says it all. Since his emergence on the scene, we’ve recognized that he isn’t your average rapper—his look says it all. Super skinny jeans, Chucks, and a totally wild and rambunctious stage presence that is sure to leave a few broken bones while crowd surfing. Yeah, that’s definitely Khalifa.

We recently spied the rockstar rapper taking fashion cues from late, great Nirvana front man, Kurt Cobain, or as Vogue would call him, “One of the most influential style icons of our times.” We couldn’t agree more. At the forefront of the 90’s grunge era, Cobain made thrift shopping, androgyny,  plaid shirts, distressed jeans, striped shirts, graphic tee’s, Chucks mainstream staples.

Vixens, what do you think? Is Wiz Khalifa channeling Kurt Cobain’s style?


Kurt Cobain Style



Photo Credit: Instagram/ABC News