J. Cole Says He Has A ‘Notorious Dislike’ For Reality Shows

You won’t catch J. Cole on Love & Hip Hop anytime soon. The rapper sat down with 24HH and Vevo to discuss the over-saturation of music on the Internet and why he can’t stand reality shows.

“I have a notorious dislike for that culture ’cause I just feel like, especially in the black world, corporations is pimpin’ Blacks on this real petty level [who] go real extra hard for the cameras with drama to make a quick check,” Cole explained. “Whether it’s a rapper that fell off, he’s not gon’ make that type of money is career no more, or if it’s an aspiring model or basketball wife, girlfriend, jump-off, you gotta take that check so I get that but what’s happening is that corporations are making so much money off of you than you are off of advertising…”

Corporation exploitation isn’t the only reason for his reality show disdain. “What matters to me is that you got 12, 13-year-old girls watching you every week and they respect you,” he says of the syndicated stars. “They pick their favorite one, like ‘which bird is your favorite bird?’ That’s what i don’t like about it. Not all reality TV is like that and you got some positive shows. I appreciate those.”

Watch him also explain why he takes time with new releases above.