Watch: James Franco And Seth Rogen Attempt To Kill North Korean Leader Kim Jong Un In ‘The Interview’ Trailer

James Franco and Seth Rogen are at it again. In The Interview, the funny man duo, Francogen (I just made up their celeb couple nickname) satirize international affairs in a way that is sure to make Dennis Rodman feel some type of way. Here, Franco (who plays Dave Skylark) and Rogen (Skylark’s producer, Aaron Rapoport) run a popular tabloid TV show called Skylark Tonight. They discover that North Korea leader Kim Jong Un is a fan of the show and secure an interview with him to establish themselves as legit journos. Plans soon change when the CIA recruits them for a special mission: Operation Assassination Kim Jong-Un.

“[Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg] wrote a version of this script before Rodman went to North Korea,” Franco told EW in January. “And then as this movie went into pre-production, Rodman started going over there. So it was a very strange coincidence that I think ultimately will make this movie somehow more legitimate. Our movie is already so crazy, but things like that are actually kind of happening — so now it isn’t that out there. It’ll just make our movie resonate in different ways. It’ll become a few steps away from just being an outrageous comedy towards, I guess, [being] social satire or something.”

This is the flick that the comedy tandem were shooting when they made that little parody of Kanye West’s “Bound 2″ video. Is the plot hilarious or hella offensive? You decide. The Interview is slated to hit theaters in October.