Jay Z Brings Back Jerseys …Women’s Jerseys

Hip-hop culture has become the battleground for a fashion revolt. It appears that Hov himself has dipped his toe (and we mean his baby toe) into a fashion trend. With the likes of Kanye West’s kilt, Kid Cudi’s crop top, and Young Thug’s leopard print dress, Jay-Z has now entered the androgynous clothing arena with his female jersey.

While in NYC with his wife, Beyoncé, Mr. Carter was spotted wearing a high-fashion women’s jersey by Rodarte. This $300 top, which takes after an American Football jersey, is a part of Rodarte’s spring/summer collection. Rodarte has clothed clients such as Michelle Obama, Natalie Portman and Kirsten Dunst.

At first glance, the gender specifics on the jersey don’t come into question. Inscribed with scorpion insignia on the sleeves and a “05? on the chest, this women’s jersey looks no different from a men’s jersey. Though this fashion choice isn’t a big leap stylistically for Jay-Z, it is a big leap culturally. Basically put; if Jay-Z does it, it will get people talking. Let’s see what people will say about this one. Flip the page to see it worn on a female model.

Photo Credit: Mail Online

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