JayAre Of Cali Swag District Dies

Cali Swag District has tragically lost another member. Fighting a battle with sickle-cell anemia, rapper JayAre died yesterday (June 6) after being hospitalized and falling into cardiac arrest. Achieving fame with their 2010 platinum dance craze “Teach Me how To Dougie,” the passing of JayAre, born Cahron Childs, follows the group’s loss of member M-Bone, who was shot and killed in a drive-by back in 2011. Now left are Smoove and Yung, who both took to social media to mourn. Posting a photo of JayAre on Instagram, Yung shared the following message: “LORD! I no im not suppose to question you, but if it was cell phone in heaven ill b texting you… Really all i ask, is why? Because i dont no what to do! … We started off with 4 now all thats left is 2 … I made a promise to my self , that i would get us thru… And Just when i felt like we was winning… We would always loose smh! Im not a quitter, but i want to quit… Feeling like life gave up on me … So imma just give up on it…. But i know u would want me to be strong… So turn up for me when u see BONE, and save a spot for YUNG the day i come HOME!!! :BIG 3rd!!! #mybrother Imma miss you!!!! Rest well” Smoove took to Twitter to mourn the loss of JayAre as well:

Earlier this year, the threesome dropped their The District, featuring collabs with Ty Dolla $ign, Problem, Nipsey Hussle, Waka Flocka and Skeme.