Justin Bieber Crashes After Paparazzi Car Chase


Seems as if Biebs is having as tough a time avoiding paparazzi as his is bad press. The pop star got into a car accident Tuesday (June 24) in Beverly Hills after being chased by the photographers. Eye witnesses told TMZ that a paparazzo was chasing Bieber in his Escalade when a BMW hit the singer’s car. Witnesses claim that the crash occurred because the driver of the BMW miscalculated the speed of Justin’s car.

After the two car’s impacted. Bieber immediately exited his vehicle, got into another car and quickly drove away. Fortunately, no one was injured, but this isn’t the first time the Biebs has had a dangerous run-in with the paparazzi. Last year, a paparazzo was hit and killed by a car while trying to take a photo the star and in 2012, two paparazzo crashed into each other while chasing him.

Photo Credit(s): Getty Images