Kanye Asks Judge to Drop Lawsuit

Last year, Kanye was hit with a copyright infringement lawsuit by David Pryor’s children and now the self proclaimed rap genius is trying to end it all—asking the judge to drop the case and move to summary judgement.

Trena Steward and Lorenzo Pryor claim that West illegally sampled a portion of the Thunder and Lightning’s 1974 song “Bumpin’ Bus Stop” and used their father saying “get down” for the his No. 1 hit “Gold Digger. The two were seeking statutory damages and attorney’s fees from Kanye.

According to the newlywed rapper, that sample is not big enough to be considered copyright infringement. In recently filed documents from the case West and his team stated, “Plaintiffs fail to state a claim for copyright infringement as a matter of law because the recording snippets at issue lack sufficient originality to be protectable, and even assuming, arguendo, that the snippets are protectable, Defendants’ alleged uses were de minimis.”

After wrapping up this case, Kanye has to face yet another copyright infringement case filed by Robert Pointdexter.

Photo Credit(s): Getty Images